Yilian Canizares - Yemayá

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Yilian Cañizares - Yemayá (remix) - Official Video
Release date: 8th June
Listen to the single: https://planetay.ffm.to/yemaya.oyd
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Official website: http://www.yiliancanizares.com/

Yilian Cañizares - Yemayá (remix) – official video
Yilian Cañizares has been invited to perform during the United Nations World Oceans Day. For this very special occasion she created \"Yemayá\" remix her tribute to the West African Goddess of the Sea. This song and the dance evoke the movement of the waves and the fundamental role that our positive interaction with the environment has for the survival of humanity. She calls on Yemayá to help humanity heal the pollution of the oceans and to respect Mother Earth.

Direction & production: Leo Perez & Yilian Cañizares
Music Production: Greg Landau & Yilian Cañizares
Filmed by Henri Guareschi
Animation & edition: Leo Perez
Special Thanks to: La ferme des Tilleuls, Swisssub, Sandra Wauquaire, Esteban Cortazar, Letitia Compitiello, Zori Ivanova, Isabelle Attouah, Isabelle Jaquier, Lauren Pasche, Julio Arozarena, Laura Beaubrun, Eyleen Santana.

Listen to the album: https://planetay.ffm.to/lp_erzulie.txj
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