Take Me To Rio - "Walking on Sunshine" (feat. Katrina & the Waves)

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See the video to the brazil version of \"Walking on sunshine\" (feat. Katrina & the Waves). One of 15 great songs which you can find on the new summer album \"Take me to Rio\" - produced by the popular BERMAN BROTHERS.

\"Take me to Rio\" - OUT 22.07.2016
You can pre order the album here:
iTunes: http://apple.co/29n0N72
Amazon: http://amzn.to/29U83ch

Following the worldwide success of their Cuban-music project „Rhythms Del Mundo“, the Berman Brothers are back, just in time for the Olympic Games, and their new album invites you on a journey to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the land of samba and bossa-nova. On TAKE ME TO RIO (22.07.2016) international stars like Outkast, Mando Diao, Katrina & the Waves and Marlon Roudette meet Brazilian music legends and re-think songs like „Hey Ya!“ and „Dance With Somebody“ in the one-and-only Brazilian sound. Once again, the producers have brilliantly swept big hits into another musical dimension and give the listener a pure breath of Brazilian life.

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