Passion Gone, funky time by Bantunani - Variation 1 - New Album Musicalist

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Passion Gone is the first Bantunani\'s new single from the forthcoming album, Musicalist (March, 23 - 2018) -
This is the funky variation version from this amazing uptempo disco track. The short movie is inspired by the french \" Nouvelle vague\".
Written, composed and produced by Michel Nzau for Blackninja Publishing®© 2017 all rights reserved and protected.
Movie by : Kristobane and Bobby Clarck
Partners and credits : BMW France, Triumph, Zara, Acer and PSI Audio, Korg France.
Musicians :
Live Drums : Johnny Pululu - drums programming : Michel Nzau, Miguel Benavides, Térence Nzau - Bass : Niwa Koshi - Guitars : Umberto Luambo, Papy Boele, Christian Lévi - Strings : Matteo Nzau - Keyboards : Matteo and Maria Nzau - LeadVoice : Michel Nzau - Background voice : Maria Nzau
Radios : HDR radio, Radio Sensation, Principes Actif,Le Monde 2 Kika, Radio Coteaux, Les radio Campus, BBS radio Los angeles, Radio Laser, Rouge FM, 3DFM, DJ The Boogie Wonderland Show, London Jazz
RNB, POP, Musique du monde
beatles, bantunani, afrogroove, nzau, vuanda, nurumba, unitedkids, afrotrap, childrenmusic, guetta, jackson, brunomars, kuti, jones, dancehall, afrofunk, fally, gims, lopes, beyonce, ettajames, motown, georges michael, michael jackson

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