Otis Stacks - Sorry [Official Video]

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Otis Stacks - Sorry [Official Video] | New album out march 2018
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Live video par Croissant Production : https://vimeo.com/croissantprod
Réalisation : baked by Croissant
Chef opérateur vidéo : Célidja Pornon
Assistant Caméra : Nicolas Rochette
Production : Julien Ghomi, Caroline Boer et Tristan Mazire
Montage / étalonnage : Emile Cervia
Effets : Florentin Jeanneau
Remerciements à FLAX fondation et Cédric Chabloz

Lyrics “Sorry”
Elias Wallace
Michael Munch

You’re on fire girl, yelling “Mayday”
But don’t stop girl, I ain’t in to maybes
Why you have to be so amazing?
This smoke in my eyes is so hazy.
You got me breakin it down.
You got me moving to a brand new sound.

I’m sorry for the things that I said on the phone.
Ignored you when you told me to leave you the heck alone.
I’m sorry if I acted like a little acted like a little kid now.
I’m sorry for this…

Lookin out the corner of your eye at me.
Are you tired of all the things you see?
I know I’m just a little bit lazy,
But you can be so impatient.
Always dreamin of a better day
Like we on the beach in Marseille
Or on a hill lookin’ out on LA
Lookin’ at the city with no cares
Walking down the beach to slow stares
Top floor elevator no stairs.
But I’m not at home and it’s not fair.


When it’s you and I and the kids are grown
And all these seeds I’ve sown.
And all these paths I’ve walked,
conversations talked.
I’m still gonna bleed for you
I’m still gonna need you
I’m still gonna want you
Cuz I’m still in love with you!

Chorus X2
Soul jazz
otis stacks, clip, sorry, fashion drunk

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