Kwoon - Life / w Lyrics (Official music)

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Music & lyrics : Sandy Lavallart

Additional guitars : Paul Kinman & François Michaud
Violin : Andreane Detienne
Viola & cello : Luke Moller
Add kid choir : Margot Lavallart
Drum : Pierre Michel
Drum Recording engineer : Guillaume Jaoul // Studio Tropicalia
Mix and Master : François Michaud

Cover & animated cover : Patrick Atkins

--- LYRICS ---

Welcome to the life
dear little girl, my little bird

Everywhere you go
I\'ll be your guide until you fly

Some days
The world could turn faster
The words could be stronger
But silence is truth

A long long way to go...
No ending roads, fears and hopes
Listen to your heart
Follow the river of your soul

You will see
That mistakes could be gold
That mountains could be stones
Far from the sky

Don’t change your thoughts
You are ! We are !

No chains, no stop
We are ! We are !

No pain, no laws
We’re Gods ! We are !

No cage, just love
We are, We are !

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RNB, POP, Musique du monde
kwoon, life, rock, sandy lavallart

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