Keep Dancing Inc - Rhum & Ginger Magic

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Video by Nadège Nguyen & Ryan Doyle


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Rhum & Ginger Magic
Oh I feel so strong
With my rhum and ginger magic in my hand
And I like this song
But I can’t feel the magic in the air
With you
I’ll never be the guy you want me to

You leave the party
Trying your luck to catch the last subway
And you think I don’t know
What I want and maybe you should go
We’ll all get into trouble anyway

Maybe we’re falling

Oh he, he’s the one
Or at least he might be the one tonight
He shows you the way home
He is not great but he will be just fine
The bed is a short term therapy

She, she doesn’t care
And she’s right, she found the way to be safe
She forgot him, she’ll forgot her
She might be a 2017 lover
If only
We could do the safe we might be happy

Maybe I’m falling
Falling in love
With you
Clubbing, Electro
keep dancing inc, Rhum & Ginger Magic, initial public offering

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