Isabelle Seleskovitch - Almond Trees

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Isabelle Seleskovitch - Almond Trees

Almond trees
Buds of white and pink
Blossom on the hills
On branches black as ink
Wild gypsies
Among the flowers bloom
Brown kisses
Blissful lips of doom
Crooked, dry they are
Their fruit both soft and hard
Happy, fierce they stand
With their roots
Down into barren land
Milk takes long to come
And promises can break at dawn
Almond trees may look fearsome
When the morning mist lingers on
Where love is missing
On the black mountain hills
There is no kissing
Among the almond trees
No kissing among
Almond trees

Words: Isabelle Seleskovitch
Music: Sébastien Giniaux
Artwork: Angélique O.

Isabelle Seleskovitch (vocals)
Sébastien Giniaux (guitar)
Nicholas Thomas (vibraphone)
Laurent Marode (piano)
Fabien Marcoz (double bass)
Mourad Benhammou (drums)

From album About a Date (2019, Black & Blue)

Produced by Isabelle Seleskovitch - all rights reserved
@isaselesko (Facebook, Instagram)
Soul jazz
jazz, vocaljazz, guitare, vibraphone, ballade, poesie, dessin, animation, clipdessine

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