Implosion by Michel Nzau -Revolution will be inside(album THE MAN)

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( Implosion ) There are times when only a guitar can buoy a man who is suffocating under the weight of a system which locks him into the grips of the economy. Stamped with the hallmark of hardcore rap or funk, the beat erupts over, but in no way obscures, the melody. Watch out, this tune is dangerous !

Drums : Johnny Pululu - Drums Programming : Michel Nzau, Jean-Loup Morette and Johnny Pululu- Bass : Niwa Koshi - Guitars : Niwa Koshi - Strings and Keyboard : Fabrice Muller, Michel Nzau VUANDA, Matteo Nzau VUANDA - Celio : Laure Grandvoinnet - Lead vocals: Michel Nzau VUANDA - Backlead : Savenah (Fundu Takisi Vanessa) - Special Effects : Jean Loup Morette, Michel Nzau - Recorded and mixed at Davout Studio by Jean-Loup Morette
Mastered by Jean Loup Morette.
Written and composed by Michel Nzau.
Publishing : Davout Music ®©2015
Rap Français, Trap
michel nzau, michael jackson, makassy, bantunani, afrofunk, afrogroove, bantugroove

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