Fred Rister - I Want A Miracle feat. Sam Martin & Chris Willis

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Fred Rister - \"I Want A Miracle\" feat. Sam Martin & Chris Willis

All proceeds will benefit the Kidney Cancer Association. Donate here:

A note from Fred -

Dear Friends,

My name is Fred Rister.

For those who don\'t know me, I have had cancer 9 times in 30 years. The one I am fighting this time around will be the last, since I know for sure; my days are numbered.

I have decided to release a song called, \"I Want a Miracle\" in which all proceeds will go to the Kidney Cancer Association, with whom my physician, Dr Escudier, from the Gustave Roussy Insititue is affiliated.

This project is very important to me because it is a bit of hope for all those fighting cancer.

Whether you donate directly or download/stream the song your support is immensely appreciated.

This is: \"I Want a Miracle\"

\"Music is therapy\"
- Fred Rister

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