Dune - Lift Up (Clip Officiel)

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Listen to \" Lift\" Up Here : https://kuronekomedia.lnk.to/LiftUp
Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/track/6C1fdB76jVoPCccAanw2dj?si=F9CUQTpGTbeA_78UCPs-bg
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Words / Paroles :
Checking every little detail in the mirror...
why my breasts are so small they could grow bigger ?
instagraming some ass every two minutes ...
trying to google some love but i can’t find it ...

I pray aaaah lift up lift up lift up
to change a thing ...

Trusting machines to be our legacy,
willing to sacrify our intimacy,
will we still hear the birds humming in the trees ?
is the sun gonna shine in a century ?

i pray aaaaaahhh lift up lift up
lift up
to change a thing

Why can’t i find a friend among this big crowd?
Teach me how to be heard i’m shouting so loud !!
Consciousness is a path that could make us last,
If the earth still accepts to grow back some grass..

Credit :

An original idea by • Anja Fougea, Thomas Chatel, Joffrey Monteiro-Noël
Director • Joffrey Monteiro-Noël
Producer • Cosme Bongrain

Duo • Anja Fougea, Thomas Chatel
Humans • Joëlle Helary, Alex Metzinger, Tom Vallejo, Axelle Legrand, Théo Papadopoulos, Sylvain Mossot

Image • Vadim Alsayed
1st AC • Camille Baton
Steadicam • Guillaume Corde
Light • Mathieu Mouterde
Electricians • Alexis Levesque, Arthur Barrow
Grip • Colin Guerre

Decoration • Ariane Bromberger
Assistant • Alban Ho Van
Stylism • Clémence Pernoud
Hair • Miwa Moroki
Make Up • Megumi Itano

1st AD • Favio Vinson
Graphisms • Cécile Martin, Hadrien Houyeah
Storyboard • Armelle Bongrain
Choregraphy • Gael Gueko

Production • Goodseed Productions
Line Production • Marie Defois
Location Manager • Laurent Roch

Editing • Gabriel Blanc Paes
Special Effects • Hecat Studios
SFX Supervisors • Chadi & Nacer Abo
Color-Grading • Eudes Quittelier
Sound-Design • Maxence Dusserre

Lauréat de l’aide avant réalisation du CNC (Centre National du Cinéma).

©Goodseed Productions, Joffrey Monteiro-Noël (2019)
Variété Française
lift up, dune, pop, anja fougea, musique

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