Congo Memory by Bantunani 'New album Africano - 22 Mars - En concert AU KEMPINSKI HOTEL FLEUVE"'

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Ajoutées by bantunani
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Film by Michel Nzau and Yas Ilunga
Blackninja Publishing copyrights 2019
En Concert live au Kempinski Hotel FLeuve Congo 22 Mars

Bantunani took 5 months to realize one of his musician dream, to make a full album in Congo with many young and old musician. Congo Memory is the first single extracted from his forthcoming album, Africano. Africano sings the new african man with a gipsy soul, a man without borders who is hanted by music and dance; to bring peace and love
The song is written, composed and produced by Michel Nzau
Mix and Mastered by B4lasers
Credits :
live Drums : Johnny Pululu
Percussions : Papy Pemba Mafuta
Bass 1 : Vane bass
Bass solo : Ntotela Gloire
Piano : Naboth Wasala
Guitar 1 : Terence Nzau
Lead Guitar : Vicko Tengwa
Intro speech : Trésor Nzinga
Lead Vocals : Michel Nzau
Back Leads : Terence Nzau, Matteo Nzau, Jordan Kusa; Trésor Nzinga, Maria Nzau
Special Keyboard : Matteo Nzau
Strings : Maria Nzau
Label Manager : Christine Dufrenois
Orchestration manager : Misidor Momba
Video Supervision : Yas Ilunga
Security Manager : Rey Ndoma
In partnership with : H&M, Kempinski Hotel Fleuve Congo,BraCongo (Rumba),Tele50, BOne, Digital Tv, KPM Logistic, Psi Audio, Acer, SCPP, Printing House
Remerciements spécial à BraCongo et au Groupe Kempinski Hotel Fleuve Congo
Afrique, Afro-beat, Coupé Décalé

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