Chizi feat Eric Wainaina - Wacha Waseme

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Chizi and Eric sing "Wacha waseme, usiku watalala..." let them talk, when night falls they will have to go and sleep! Don't get so stressed out over what people say about you. And remember those who tickle your ears about other people most likely spend as much time talking badly about you with others. Chizi and I (Prince) came up with the video concept - the life of a 50 bob (shilling) note within the course of 24 minutes (24 parody-like complete with lots of phones) and how it ends up back with the original owner (what goes around, comes around). Mark Masai, an NTV news anchor, makes his second appearance in Chizi's video as a dubious security guard!
Afrique, Afro-beat, Coupé Décalé
Chizi, Eric Wainaina, Prince Makaya, GNPI-Africa, GNPI, Nairobi, Kenya music, Wacha Waseme, Dan Aceda, African music, Mark Masai, Kenyan life

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