Blanket On The Ground - videoclip

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Blanket On The Ground is the very first single of THE RISE OF THE ZUGEBRIAN TIME LORDS, Sananda Maitreya\'s brand new double album, released on Oct 9th 2015 for TreeHouse Publishing.

Blanket On The Ground is a promise of eternal love, like a sweet walk into nature. It symbolizes the return of the prodigal son, who goes back home with his guitar full of songs & poems, with his clowns, and a ring, the perfect symbol of Love, the promise of a future together.

Blanket On The Ground symbolizes the emotion of falling in LOVE. We wanted to recreate this atmosphere thanks to nature. Falling in love is like taking a walk into the grass, it’s a moment of magic, a moment of fun, a dance of joy in the fields.
The video is the visual representation of an instant, the moment we fall in love it is something uncontrollable and unexpected, exactly like a beautiful butterfly.
The natural light of the woods, the actors natural approach and the wonderful music and voice of Sananda contributed magically to make this dream come true.

POEM by Sananda Maitreya :

The Prodigal Son* Returns Home
Looking for forgiveness & a settled life,
Free from strife & the fields that roam.
A new beginning,
Singing songs of Orpheus
From the mouth that from once seas foamed And whose mermaids were always spinning Tales of eternal youth.
He comes with his ring of truth,
His magic flute,
The Hope of Love & Circus Clowns
Left too long alone;
His pastures were far too flat
To have been more than a stepping stone
A flask of wine & poems in his boot &
Designed to seize the stars with his lover’s roots To wrap her name around.

*Because of strict Zugebrian Time Lords communication monitoring laws, we are obliged to state, as with ALL matters concerning the ZTL that the communication you are currently reading does not exist! Insist at your own peril!
This transmission is purely figurative. Thank you! SM

Actors: Sananda Maitreya, Antonio Brugnano, Alex Pettinaroli, Francesca Francone Maitreya.
Production Company: Treehouse Publishing
Producer: Francesca Francone Maitreya
Screenplay: Sananda Maitreya e Luciano Boschetti
Director: Luciano Boschetti
Dop: Luciano Boschetti
Camera 1: Matteo Carpo
Camera 2: Diego Capelli
Camera Assistant: Damiano Sessa
Service Video: Video Project srl
Make-Up: Nina Sant’Orsola e Luca Apri
Costumes: Casa d’Arte Lo Bosco
Record Company: TreeHouse Publishing
Post-Production: Band srl
Editing: Matteo Carpo
Supervisor & Vfx: Anima Wave
Color & Vfx: Claudio Beltrami per Band srl
Special Thanks to Nicolò Reverdini ed Azienda Agricola La Forestina, Giuseppe Lo Bosco for Casa d’Arte Lo Bosco.

Lyrics and credits:  /631/blanket-on-the-ground

C+P 2015 TreeHouse Publishing.

ps listen to it on spotify at IHfjrfCH
RNB, POP, Musique du monde

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