Bingo Club - Now It's Never (Official Music Video)

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The Original Bingo Club demands no rules for entry.
The drift is clean and friendly here. Everyone knows your name.
There is a lot to consider, but not a lot to hold.
The hours are endless and the dress code remains unspoken.


Now it’s never
Never again

Gone forever
Buried in flames

White flowers
Fading with rain

Goodbye lover
Missing a friend

Gone Forever
Ending in flames

It means “never”
Never again

I’m a loner
Loving in vain

Life goes sour
Filled in with pains

Ghosted lover
Smiling in Frames

Gone Forever
Ending in flames

(p) & (c) Fuzo

#bingoclub #separated #nowitsnever
RNB, POP, Musique du monde
bingo club, separated, now it's never, rock

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