Axel Bampton - Jax View - Plunky Have a Good Time Tonight

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Official audio for Axel Bampton Jax View \"Have a Good Time Tonight\"
available, sotify link : https://open.spotify.com/track/6N9zfOdffDNe4ZHxRvtvJk
Subscribe to Axel Bampton on Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/axelbampton

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Song made in collaboration with JaxView & J.Plunky Branch
Music by Axel Bampton & Jax View
Lyrics & Rendering by J.Plunky Branch
Arrangements by MatrX Producer
Music Clip By Remi Atlan / Awa Studio
Herve Cocto / Music Media Consulting (MMC)

-Have a Good Time tonight (Lyrics)
Nothing about us is ordinary
Everything we do is extraordinary
Even for us this is a special night
The possibilities are outta sight
Let’s start what we came to do
The time is right for me and you
Let’s not waste another minute
Let’s get this started let’s jump in it
Let’s have a good time tonight
Doing what we like – doing
Let’s have a good time tonight
Let’s take it to the highest heights
Don’t stop grooving
Let’s have a good time tonight
Until the morning light
(Let’s) keep it moving
Let’s have a good time tonight
Doing what we like doing
Now that we’re in the room
Let’s make it go boom
Around us/ sensations swirl
But now it’s just/ you and me girl
Now that we’ve got it going
Let’s keep the juices flowing
We’ve got no problem staying woke
‘Cause we’re up for the down stroke
Clubbing, Electro

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