Agoria feat Blasé - 3 Letters (Official Music Video)

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« This could be yesterday, this could be tomorrow. In that period of lockdown, i thought interesting to show 2 human beings living under the same roof with a different angle.
Instead of filming us inside a flat of nowadays, we decided to film the gauchos, a symbol of freedom.
After all these days - the repetitive loops - the woman playing piano front of a wall not paying attention to a man dancing.
Not paying attention to any man, like if they were ghosts for each others.
That being said, spirits are here, they flash us. Messages are written, they flash us.
The dog decides to follow the path of the light, seemingly there is an outside.» Agoria

Directed by: Hernan Corera, Walter Cornas, Juan Cavia

Produced by: Sapiens, When We Were Kids, Mamá Húngara

Producers: Ahlem Roubine, Jérôme Bénadiner, Juan Savaria, Natali Sussman

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Clubbing, Electro
agoria, electro, dj, 3 letters, blasé

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