Open Season - Stand Together (Tous Ensemble) feat. Guillaume Hoarau

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C’est la nuit de triomphe
On va faire le show
On est tous ensemble, on est tous ensemble
On va faire la fête, fiers de nos couleurs
On est tous ensemble, on est tous ensemble.

Shoulder to shoulder, heads up high, we are like
sisters and brothers, side by side, it feels so right.
Boulevards are filled with sound and light, and tonight
we have a ticket for a ride, a perfect ride.

We light the fire
The kids are united
We let Paris shine bright, shine in the limelight
We stand together in this glorious night

We wave our flags we sing and shout, it’s all about
cheering and dancing here in town, yes we’re loud.
A rendez-vous with love and sound, we jump around
and dive into the raving crowd, into the raving crowd.
Rap Français, Trap

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