DELAURENTIS - Brand New Soul [Officiel Video]

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Brand New Soul // Music by DeLaurentis
Directed by Laurenzo Massoni

Dancer : Davina Villeneuve
Choregraphy : Julie Sevestre
Production : Gilles Comaille (DACOR)
DOP : Christophe Grelie

Thanks to : Adrien Latapie, Benoit Dupont, Mathilde Fouant, Matthieu Boujenah, Charles Jacques, Jean Baptiste Pascal, Guilhem Donnasson, Ableton Live (push),

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Cold it was the night when you came
Down from the sky with open eyes
Two pearls, big eyes, two arms, fragile
Too young, human, new born...
Welcome to a brand new soul...

You win, you lose, you know, you fall, you live, you love
You ask ...again
You grow up, you understand, you give it up, you fell the pain,
The more you learn, the less you know,
A page you turn... again
Welcome to a brand new soul
Welcome to a brand new soul
Welcome to a brand new soul
Welcome to a brand new soul

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